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Cheryl was assisant Manager at Maurice's dress shop in the Hot Spring's,Arkansas Mall. She loved her job,and was great at it. Everyone loved her, she had such a glow about her. It was like a magnet. You always wanted to be close to her. Cheryl never got to finish her life,here,and deserved so much more than she got. Anyone who knew her, will always remember her smile,and her laugh.









my child
On the day God took you
I thought that I would die
I wondered where the time went?
I asked alot of whys??
With people all around me
I felt alone inside
From all their words of comfort,
I couldn't seem to hide,
I thought I might be dreaming
That I'd wake and find you here,
I thought "This can't be happening."
As I wiped another tear.
On the day that you were laid to rest
My heart broke yet again,
I wondered if the pain would end,
But mostly, I wondered when??
It's hard to be without you,
At times the days seem long,
Sometimes I just sit crying,
When there's really nothing wrong.
I wish we'd had more time,
Before your life was done.
I hope your resting peacefully,
                               My precious one                                    







My Aunt Cheryl 

An English Composition by Bradley Chafin  

At nine years old I never thought one phone call was important.I never wanted to talk and whenever someone in my family would call,my mind would always be clouded in another thought. Now that my 27 year old aunt Cheryl is dead,I realize how important phone calls really are.Even though you are not seeing the person it still links you and that person together,and it keeps your relationship special.I never thought the phone call I had with my aunt Cheryl would be the last phone call I had with her.I remember the hug's,the "tight squeeze me hug's" The last day I ever saw Cheryl was on Saturday,in the Hot Spring's,Arkansas Mall where she worked.At that time I never thought one hug would make a feeling of closeness between one's relationship. All I would ever do is give the little hug as if it was a habit whenever you were seeing someone. Cheryl and I had hugged that day,but,my hug was weak,her hug was strong.Little did I know,it was the last hug I had with Cheryl.A dinner is a time to eat.It is a time for sharing thoughts and keeping bonds close between loved one's. The last "BIG"dinner I had with Cheryl was on Christmas of 2001,with the whole Family.Of course the only "thing" I wanted that night was my christmas presents.I never thought[at that time]that being with family was important. To me,all I thought about was just having fun,and open presents.That night cheryl was so happy,she was smiling and laughing.I remember when we sat at the table together and talked,the whole time.That dinner together made my relationship with Cheryl that much better.Little did I know,it was the last one with her.The small things don't make a difference to you,whenever you are young.As you get older,however,you start to cherish every small moment you have with Family. I wish I could have back every small moment you have with Family.I wish I could have back all the small moment and small events with my aunt Cheryl,but,I can't and now, all I have is the memories of her and how much I miss her. 

If anyone has any information about Cheryl's case,please notify the Hot Spring's,Arkansas, police department,at,{501-321-6717} There is still a reward for information leading to the arrest,and conviction of her killer.



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Waist of time for this website!   / Connie (Mom)
I must complain again. If anyone is thinking of buying into this website for your loved one, think again! The owners of this site do what they want with your site, you can't change pictures or do anything that it advertises for. Every year on my daug...  Continue >>
Another year without justice!   / Mom
Well, another year has just about ended. But,the misery we have without Cheryl will only end when we do. September, October, November are the worst months for me and my family. the anxiety of what is to come and what has happened all becomes the sam...  Continue >>
Shameful and disrespectful!   / Mom
As everyone knows sooner or late in life there are times you wish to go back and change things you did or did not do.I have many of those times as I look back to how things were handled putting Cheryl to rest. After 12 years, I can see clearly now, t...  Continue >>
website  / Mom
Well I have tried to light a candle letting everyone know of a better memorial website for Cheryl, and it is I am very disappointed in this site for they have stopped everyone from putting new pictures on it!!!!Continue >>
The same ol news, October 2014!   / Mom
Again I hear people talking about Cheryl. It really is amazing to me that people are still talking about Cheryl.But, yet, no-one knows anything about her murder. No one seems to think it is important enough to get justice done, but they can still tal...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
Six Years of struggle! 2008  

 My family is now,moving into the sixth year of desperate pleading for justice. I am beginning to believe there will not be justice in this world,for Cheryl. We continue to hope that someday,there will be a person out there that cares! For it will take that one person that see's the inocence of Cheryl,the beauty of her,and her unselfish sacrifice. I only know,without Cheryl,we are just existing each day. Trying to put our family back together,is forever gone,for every holiday,every memory,every laugh,we take only brings the pain of not having her. There is not enough that I can do to honor her memory. I find myself looking each day for something I can do to honor her. She was special. Your Mom

Robbery gone bad,or What?2007  

I wait with anxiety,for another year to approach,marking the fifth year,without, my Cheryl. Remembering that fateful night,two days before Thanksgiving,2002. I can see her driving up to her apartment,eager to unload her groceries,and get to her safe haven. I see her everywhere,she is always on my mind. Her murder is always on my mind,and the years keep ticking by,with no hope for closure. This is what I saw on that last night of Cheryl's life. This is my nightmare!             As Cheryl drove up to her apartment door,evening was approaching,and there was a haze in the air. This did not look like a normal evening for the end of November. Cold weather had not yet arrived.   Cheryl was tired,it had been a long day. first, the anxiety of waiting for her paycheck,{that was already one day,late}and then trying to get all the errands done. She had gotton off work a little early,so, she could take care of errands for her boyfriends parents.Luckily,she had gotton them all done before it go too late. Her feet were killing her,{somehow she never felt completely dressed unless she wore heels},  and she knew she still had to carry all those groceries up a flight of stairs. It was getting late,and she was a little nervous.But, soon she could relax,and settle in for the night. How was she to know that grave danger was second's away? As she began to unload her bags,on the ground,next to her car,a man approached her from behind. As she turned to look,she froze,for she saw the gun. Lumps began to form in her throat,as she tried to swallow. He was talking to her,but,she could not function.All she knew was this was "BAD,"and she began to shake. She kept thinking,"what am I going to do?" How am I going to get away? The apartment was full of people,if she could only get to the front door. Her purse lay on the front seat of her car,and she had just finished talking to her boyfriend,on her cell phone,that she always put back into her purse. "NO HELP There" She clutched her keys in her hand,as if they would save her. The thought went through her head that someone would be coming out of the building,soon,but when?? Darkness was falling,and so was her hope! But, wait,someone was driving up the street! This might be her chance to get away."OH MY GOD" they are stopping! Suddenly,she ceased the moment,she hollered out for help. "PLease Help Me, he has a gun!" Just then,the man turned the gun onto the witness,and hollered something to him. Cheryl knew this was her only chance,she then,turned to run. As the only hope she had,drove away,she knew she was fighting to stay alive. The man turned to Cheryl,and shot. The shot rang out,and Cheryl hit the ground. The man ran,they say he ran west? A witness on a pay phone,accross the street,said"It sounded like a big gun,it was loud" A person inside the apartment,said"It sounded like a car backfiring" And finally it was said to be a robbery gone bad? How many witness's are there? How many talked of how loud the shot was?If a simple robbery,why is it not solved? We had a witness that the perpetrater ran to,where is he?Left to die,Cheryl never made it!I am distrubed to know of the amount of witness's there is,and yet, we do not have closure! I am distrubed by many things that transpired that night. Something is wrong??? This is what I must live with,this is what I wake up to each and everyday! Cheryl's Mom

2006-------------------------------------------------------------Another year  

Anyone with any information,about Cheryl's murder,please notify the Hot Spring's Arkansas, police department,at 501-321-6717.   You can remain annonymous,call crimestoppers,of Hot Springs 501-321-6742. There is still a reward being offered. Your Mom!

November 26,2005---------------------------New Hope,Carole/Sund Foundation  

This year I am proud,I submitted Cheryl to Carole/Sund foundation,and had a press conference in Hot Springs,Arkansas. this foundation offered new reward,and once again,Cheryl was in the news. Still,only to be crushed once more,for there is still no justice!

November 26,2004---------------------------------N-ew hope with unsolved-crimes  

On this day, I placed a new poster in the paper,pleading for help.I submitted Cheryl's case to unsolved-crimes international,for help.A great group,they tried to help. New reward offered for Cheryl's murderer, still,no justice. Your Mom

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